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"I want to thank Greg and all the staff at Autotech. I recently rand into some trouble with my "new" used car. I didn't know the entire history of the car, and the issues it had threw Greg through some hoops. Greg spent a lot of time trying to figure out the problem, and when he did, he explained it thoroughly. He was also MORE than fair on the pricing, which I am grateful for. I can safely say Greg is a honest and very knowledgeable mechanic, and his staff is great!"


"They did a great job aligning my old jeep. When Firestone wouldn't do it without replacing 1000 worth of steering components"


"Absolutely my Go-to place for all my auto care! I'm always extremely satisfied with their staff, service, and pricing. 100% recommended!"


"These guys (and gals!!) always take great care of me and my car. They've been awesome about figuring out what things need fixing right away and what can wait a bit to work in a budget. I so appreciate them!"


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